23rd Jan 1996 // Aquarius // 5 feet 1"

I have a weird obsession towards potatoes. To be more precise, I love FOOD.
A sucker for dreamy, beautiful things in life such as photography, art, diy's and inventions.
Loves different challenges in life. One of my biggest dream is to go bungee jumping off a
cliff in somewhere serene and mind-blinding. I'm said to be a daydreamer and clumsy at times.

"We don't even have to try, it's always a good time!"

23rd July 1996 // Leo // 5 feet 3"

I'm a student at day, part time blogger at night. Another photography enthusiast.
When it comes to fashion and styling, casual and simplicity would be my choice.
I'm also a food addict. Dessert is the perfect cures when things go wrong.
One of my main goal in life is to travel around the world to see how beautiful life is.

" Effort is another word for miracles "

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