Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Greetings to anybody who is reading out there,

both Jo & I are still alive lol.

Here's a recent photo of us when we were out shopping for Chinese New Year clothes. It was just a quick meet up after my 3 weeks stay in Japan.

An update on the both of us;

Jo is currently feeling better after being sick and is returning back to work today!
Recently many people are feeling under the weather so please do take car of yourself especially since the long awaited Chinese New Year is coming in two weeks! *lights up fireworks*

For myself, I'm currently learning a 4th language, Japanese. I'm learning it by myself, picking up from where I've stop since my trip to Japan. And I'm also currently trying to be more active physically to lose some extra fats that I've gain! Oh boy...

Hopefully, hopefully this is not the end of this blog because both Jo & I worked real hard at creating this one and brainstorming ideas to create Twojythree.

Chinese New Year is around to corner, have you done your cny shopping?


Monday, October 14, 2013

Miss In Action

Good morning,

It's Pris here. Thought I spend some time updating this abandon space since Jo & I have been busy. The truth is we are too busy enjoying life until we didn't bother updating this space of ours. Sorry!
You could pay a visit to Jo's blog or mine in the mean time.

I'm currently at school. Jo is absent in class today. Lazy ass!

I'm currently updating from our school's computer lab!

For the moment, we won't be updating much as we have a big examination to face this upcoming November. I think we'll just have to wait until our exam is over then only we'll prepare a proper post. Not to mention we'll have a graduation party that we'll be organizing alongside with our two other friends! Probably?! Hopefully we'll be able to make it happen. I treasured all the moments and wonderful memories I had throughout my 5 years in high school. Met so many awesome friends along the way and building strong friendships.

I couldn't be any happier.

Till then, see ya!
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Friday, August 9, 2013


Hey guys,

This is a video that we did together several weeks ago. I find myself indulge in the video editing process. There'll definitely be more videos in the future. But for now, Jo and I will be taking a break from blogging as we are another step closer until our big decisive test. We'll be sitting for our SPM soon, along side with any other 17 year old Malaysian students like us. 

Fyi, SPM is a big Malaysia test for the form 5 students (17 yr old).

Currently, Malaysia is having one of our many festive season. Hari Raya Aidilfitri. So apparently, I am immersed in this joyous festive season and abandoning my books. I don't know how is Jo doing as I have been indirectly isolating myself from social networks up til just now since I don't own a smartphone currently. So, "I'm alive! How are you doing?!".

Till then, do stay tune with us!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello peeps! We'd just taken another two weeks or so from this blog. Sorry to say but we've been engaging to our school stuff recently hence the short hiatus. Much apologies for that *90 degrees big bow* 

It's proven that time management is as important as having three meals in a day. At this stage, we should have learnt to allocate our time wisely in order to refrain one's from procrastinating! I honestly feel guilt stricken for not seize on the chance to study before the big wave(upcoming mock exam) hits whilst seeing my friend putting in countless effort to score their best. I guess this sorta motivates me! Not forgetting P who bestowed me some advice to study in this upcoming school break. Let's do it! (written in my things-to-do-in-this-holiday-list)

well I think I should convey something more "beneficial" to you instead of faffing around. 

so here's the 5 fun facts about P & J 

#1. We adore blogging! 
It's actually P who introduced blogging to me! Out of curiosity, I signed up an account for myself and starting venturing. I'm not sure how it worked but I find myself developing an interest towards blogging. It became my hobby since then. Thinking back to it, P and I used to write nonsense on our own blogs! 

#2. We are both food lovers!
P has a crazy obsession towards potatoes, I am not even kidding. If there's only ONE type of food to survive the rest of her life, it must be potatoes. Whereas I'm a big eater. Never underestimate an average size girl like me as the saying goes, never judge the books by its cover. I can basically demolish a 32 inches pizza all by my own. 

#3 We enjoy singing but our vocal fail tremendously! *I think P is not that bad, its only me T_T*

#4 Not having a very good sense of humor. Tried too hard and we got lame jokes! still laughing to each other. 

#5 Japan and Korea as our ideal travel destinations. Places to go before apocalypse happens. 

Monday, July 22, 2013



Good afternoon!

Hey guys, it's Pris here. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not keeping my promise to update last week. We mentioned that we'll update every Thursday, last week was my turn update a post but unfortunately, due to my laptop crisis, I wasn't able to update. Sorry!

This week, Jo came over to my house for a sleepover. Haha, I guess you guys might think we often go to each other's house to overnight. It just somehow happens twice in this month.

Gladly, Jo and I finally manage to snap some photos as we have been planning for a long time. But we weren't prepare for this time 'photo-shoot'. It happens to be a sudden burst of spark to do so. Hence, our super-normal-casual-not-so-photo-shoot-worthy clothes. These were our 'pasar' and tuition clothes lol. Shh.

PS: The reason behind the title of this post is because we were snapping at the side of someone's house that day. Creative not? Okay, maybe not. Bye!

PS.PS: Such a hot day!

PS.PS.PS: New video coming soon!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Taken the week of from our blog and as promised, this space will be updated every Thursday!
 For this week J will take over the role to manage this blog! It's my first time writing here and I hope it won't be as bad as that. Sorry for the lack of pictures, it's the results of school work, on top of not having enough hours in the day. 

I personally like this picture a lot as it has a hidden meaning! Guess what, I had the nickname as froggie when I was about 14. Reminiscing those days which I had to wear the lush greenery uniforms as I was a librarian back then. Still remaining at my post now but people gets tired of making fun of my nickname already, occasionally my friend still does. To be frank, I was strongly against this name when they first started calling me but now I think its a pretty cute name. so why not, froggie is such a cute animal but can be yucky and disgusting at times especially when it croaks!! 

Just a little story to be shared with our readers! P and I are trying to get our shoot done in the upcoming weeks to compensate you all for this arbitrary post!

before that, enjoy this playlist of the night from my all time fav band, Carpenters!
**click on the picture to listen**

Froggie in disguise,