Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Taken the week of from our blog and as promised, this space will be updated every Thursday!
 For this week J will take over the role to manage this blog! It's my first time writing here and I hope it won't be as bad as that. Sorry for the lack of pictures, it's the results of school work, on top of not having enough hours in the day. 

I personally like this picture a lot as it has a hidden meaning! Guess what, I had the nickname as froggie when I was about 14. Reminiscing those days which I had to wear the lush greenery uniforms as I was a librarian back then. Still remaining at my post now but people gets tired of making fun of my nickname already, occasionally my friend still does. To be frank, I was strongly against this name when they first started calling me but now I think its a pretty cute name. so why not, froggie is such a cute animal but can be yucky and disgusting at times especially when it croaks!! 

Just a little story to be shared with our readers! P and I are trying to get our shoot done in the upcoming weeks to compensate you all for this arbitrary post!

before that, enjoy this playlist of the night from my all time fav band, Carpenters!
**click on the picture to listen**

Froggie in disguise,

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