Monday, October 14, 2013

Miss In Action

Good morning,

It's Pris here. Thought I spend some time updating this abandon space since Jo & I have been busy. The truth is we are too busy enjoying life until we didn't bother updating this space of ours. Sorry!
You could pay a visit to Jo's blog or mine in the mean time.

I'm currently at school. Jo is absent in class today. Lazy ass!

I'm currently updating from our school's computer lab!

For the moment, we won't be updating much as we have a big examination to face this upcoming November. I think we'll just have to wait until our exam is over then only we'll prepare a proper post. Not to mention we'll have a graduation party that we'll be organizing alongside with our two other friends! Probably?! Hopefully we'll be able to make it happen. I treasured all the moments and wonderful memories I had throughout my 5 years in high school. Met so many awesome friends along the way and building strong friendships.

I couldn't be any happier.

Till then, see ya!
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