Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Greetings to anybody who is reading out there,

both Jo & I are still alive lol.

Here's a recent photo of us when we were out shopping for Chinese New Year clothes. It was just a quick meet up after my 3 weeks stay in Japan.

An update on the both of us;

Jo is currently feeling better after being sick and is returning back to work today!
Recently many people are feeling under the weather so please do take car of yourself especially since the long awaited Chinese New Year is coming in two weeks! *lights up fireworks*

For myself, I'm currently learning a 4th language, Japanese. I'm learning it by myself, picking up from where I've stop since my trip to Japan. And I'm also currently trying to be more active physically to lose some extra fats that I've gain! Oh boy...

Hopefully, hopefully this is not the end of this blog because both Jo & I worked real hard at creating this one and brainstorming ideas to create Twojythree.

Chinese New Year is around to corner, have you done your cny shopping?


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