Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello peeps! We'd just taken another two weeks or so from this blog. Sorry to say but we've been engaging to our school stuff recently hence the short hiatus. Much apologies for that *90 degrees big bow* 

It's proven that time management is as important as having three meals in a day. At this stage, we should have learnt to allocate our time wisely in order to refrain one's from procrastinating! I honestly feel guilt stricken for not seize on the chance to study before the big wave(upcoming mock exam) hits whilst seeing my friend putting in countless effort to score their best. I guess this sorta motivates me! Not forgetting P who bestowed me some advice to study in this upcoming school break. Let's do it! (written in my things-to-do-in-this-holiday-list)

well I think I should convey something more "beneficial" to you instead of faffing around. 

so here's the 5 fun facts about P & J 

#1. We adore blogging! 
It's actually P who introduced blogging to me! Out of curiosity, I signed up an account for myself and starting venturing. I'm not sure how it worked but I find myself developing an interest towards blogging. It became my hobby since then. Thinking back to it, P and I used to write nonsense on our own blogs! 

#2. We are both food lovers!
P has a crazy obsession towards potatoes, I am not even kidding. If there's only ONE type of food to survive the rest of her life, it must be potatoes. Whereas I'm a big eater. Never underestimate an average size girl like me as the saying goes, never judge the books by its cover. I can basically demolish a 32 inches pizza all by my own. 

#3 We enjoy singing but our vocal fail tremendously! *I think P is not that bad, its only me T_T*

#4 Not having a very good sense of humor. Tried too hard and we got lame jokes! still laughing to each other. 

#5 Japan and Korea as our ideal travel destinations. Places to go before apocalypse happens. 

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